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It is no secret that the earth’s health is deteriorating at an alarming rate due to the various forms of pollution that the human population inflicted upon the earth. With the fashion and beauty industry being such a detriment to the environment, sustainable clothing is becoming more and more popular especially with millennials.In 2015, 73% of millennials were willing to pay more for a product that is sustainable (Nielsen, 2015). This demonstrates that this isn’t a trend and people are becoming more aware of their everyday purchases.
We compiled a list of six brands in Canada that have made the conscious effort to ensure that their products are sustainable and environmentally friendly. From clothing to beauty products, this list is a comprehensive look at what brands are going the extra mile by choosing to help save the planet.
A clothing company based in Toronto, Ontario, Kotn provides an array of sustainable organic apparel made from Egyptian cotton. From farm to factory, the process in which they operate is fair and safe for the workers along with the fact that the quality is still good.
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Encircled is an eco conscious brand that offers a modest selection of Men’s and Women’s sustainable clothing. The fabric they use for their clothing is biodegradable and thus good for the earth so you can feel at ease knowing your clothes aren’t going to end up in some landfill or in the ocean. 
Maison Tees 
This Montreal, Quebec based bedding brand offers up all your bedtime needs from sustainable bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases. Maison Tees is a part of the Better Cotton Initiative where it is ensured the workers and environment aren’t exploited/harmed during the process. Also bedding comes with Oeko-Tech certification which means that there are no harmful chemicals in the fabric.  
Little Lashes 
By taking a more natural approach to false eyelashes, Little Lashes has been able to create an eco-friendly brand where you can find the look you want. No mink or silk is used in their lashes, contrary to industry practice, so you can proudly wear the vegan lashes.
Ūnika Swim
Recently launched in 2018, this sustainable swimwear brand provides stylish and comfortable wear that strives to bathing suits for all body types.Ūnika Swim uses Econyl which is a nylon textile made from waste that could be recycled multiple times over. 
The Dirty Seahorse
The Canadian based brand creates clothing apparel from recycled plastic from the ocean using rPET which is a new, reusable and sustainable high quality fabric. The Dirty Seahorse has clothing apparel for Men’s and Women’s clothing along with an array of accessories which are all environmentally friendly.
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