How it started

“Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands, and in an industry where women already have to face daily challenges, finding workwear that fits properly shouldn't be one.” 
The Dirty Seahorse was founded in 2020. The brand came to life when my daughter Chantel was in masonry school and we discovered that women’s workwear didn’t exist and if it did, it didn’t fit properly. Shortly after this discovery, we did further research and realized that this is a huge problem for women working in various trades.
Current workwear is not designed for women’s bodies. At this point, I knew I had to do something to help these women!We began conducting surveys and interviews with women working in various trades and found that they had difficulty finding clothing that was safe, comfortable, and well-fitting.
Many existing workwear brands do not offer women’s sizing or only offer limited options in their women’s collections. This was when we decided to create a company unlike any other!Here at The Dirty Seahorse, we’re all about clothes that are comfortable, durable, and specially catered to tradeswomen. We want to help women succeed in a male dominated industry by providing clothing for their bodies.
The Dirty Seahorse involves women in trades at every step of our journey. They have virtually helped us build out our clothing by building a community that is a supportive and safe space for tradeswomen to share their needs and desires. They have come up with the ideas and features they want and need for their clothing, and we translate these directly into our products. Our products are built by women for women!
  • Dianne Finnigan, Founder